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Notre Dame Pro Day Numbers, Quotes And Social Media Reaction

Notre Dame held its Pro Day Wednesday, an event with more eyes than usual on it with the absence of the traditional NFL Combine.

Without the combine at its normal Indianapolis centralized location, individual schools’ pro days became the only place for draft prospects to do the testing and drills in front of NFL scouts, coaches and executives.

“Sometimes this has been a check-the-box kind of day,” Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said on NFL Network. “This is much more factual. This is getting the information, getting the reach, wingspan, the 40, to have some verifiable numbers they didn’t get because of the combine.”

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Here is a look at the reaction on social media and from the television broadcasts of the event and some of the testing numbers from pro day.


QB Ian Book: 6-0, 211 pounds, 9 7/8” hands, 31 3/8” arms, 75 7/8” wingspan

WR Ben Skowronek: 6-2.7, 220 pounds, 10 1/8” hands, 33 1/4” arms, 78 1/8” wingspan

WR Javon McKinley: 6-1.6, 215 pounds, 9 6/8” hands, 33” arms, 79” wingspan

WR Chris Finke: 5-9.5, 181 pounds, 8 7/8” hands, 29 1/8” arms, 70” wingspan

TE Tommy Tremble: 6-3.3, 241 pounds, 9 1/4” hands, 31 7/8” arms, 78 1/2” wingspan

TE Brock Wright: 6-4.4, 257 pounds, 10” hands, 32 3/8” arms, 77 1/8” wingspan

OG Aaron Banks: 6-5.3, 325 pounds, 10” hands, 33 1/4” arms, 80 6/8” wingspan

OT Liam Eichenberg: 6-6.1, 306 pounds, 9 5/8” hands, 32 3/8” arms, 79 3/8” wingspan

OL Tommy Kraemer: 6-5.4, 309 pounds, 10 5/8” hands, 33 1/8” right arm, 33 1/2” left arm, 81” wingspan

OL Robert Hainsey: 6-4.4, 306 pounds, 9 7/8” hands, 32 1/8” arms, 77 7/8” wingspan

DE Daelin Hayes: 6-3.4, 253 pounds, 9 3/8” hands, 32 7/8” arms, 78 3/8” wingspan

DL Jamir Jones: 6-3, 237 pounds, 9 3/8” hands, 32 1/8” arms, 79 1/8” wingspan

DE Ade Ogundeji: 6-4.4, 260 pounds, 9 1/2 hands, 35 1/2” arms, 84” wingspan

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: 6-1.4, 221 pounds, 8 7/8” hands, 33” arms, 78 1/8” wingspan

CB Nick McCloud: 6-0.1, 193 pounds, 9 1/2” hands, 31 3/8” arms, 76 1/8” wingspan

DB Shaun Crawford: 5-9.1, 182 pounds, 8 7/8” hands, 30 1/8" arms, 72” wingspan

40-Yard Dash

Book: 4.59

McKinley: 4.57

Wright: 4.6

Tremble: 4.59

Hainsey: 5.22

Banks: 5.31

Ogundeji: 4.71

Hayes: 4.69

McCloud: 4.37

Crawford: 4.47

Broad Jump

Book: 9’7”

Tremble: 10’2”

Wright: 9’10”

Banks: 8’4”

Eichenberg: 8’9”

Hainsey: 8’8”

Hayes: 9’11”

Ogundeji: 10’

Owusu-Koramoah: 10’4”

Crawford: 9’8”

Vertical Jump

Book: 32.5”

Tremble: 36.5”

Wright: 31.5”

Eichenberg: 26.5”

Banks: 31”

Hainsey: 27.5”

Hayes: 32.5”

Ogundeji: 32

Jones: 31”

Owusu-Koramoah: 36.5”

Crawford: 35”

Bench Press

McKinley: 20 reps

Skowronek: 13

Wright: 26

Tremble: 20

Eichenberg: 33

Banks: 24

Hainsey: 32

Hayes: 26

Ogundeji: 22

McCloud: 12

Crawford: 12

20-Yard Shuttle

Book: 4.13

Finke: 4.09

Wright: 4.25

McKinley: 4.36

Banks: 4.91

Hainsey: 4.64

Eichenberg: 4.57

Hayes: 4.25

Jones: 4.71

Owusu-Koramoah: 4.15

McCloud: 4.16

Crawford: 4.07

Three-Cone Drill

Book: 6.7

Finke: 6.8

McKinley: 6.8

Wright: 7.28

Hainsey: 7.57

Banks: 7.33

Eichenberg: 7.53

Ogundeji: 7.19

Owusu-Koramoah: 6.81

Hayes: 7.19

McCloud: 6.85

Crawford: 6.7

Brian Kelly On NBCSN And NFL Network

• On Owusu-Koramoah: “You have to make a clear decision as to where he plays. it’s easy with a guy like him to say, ‘Does he play linebacker, does he play safety?’ If there’s not a conviction on where he plays, these players get lost. They’re not in the right position, they bounce around. We made a clear decision early on he was going to play on the edge of our defense, similar to where Jaylon Smith played on the edge. We felt like he could handle that.

“Somebody has to say, ‘This is where we want him to play.’ Those that are not sure where he’s going to play are going to miss on him. Those who are definitive on where they want him will get a great player.”

• On Eichenberg: “Those who are going to draft him are going to get a plug-and-play guy on the right side. He’s probably not a left tackle. If you’re talking about that kind of athleticism, you could make the case that maybe he’s not a left tackle. At the right tackle position, you plug him in and he plays right away in the NFL because of his consistency, because he’s going to be there every single day.”

• On Book (NFL Network): “We all can get over the size factor. Drew Brees put that to rest. It’s the ability to play this position at the highest level. He’s the all-time winningest quarterback at Notre Dame. That gives him the door into the consideration. That means you have to evaluate him on productivity.

“He’s an efficient thrower of the football, he’s accurate, he’s smart. He’s going to end up on an NFL roster and put somebody at ease because when he runs out there, he’s going to make sure your offense gets the ball down the field.”

• On Book (NBCSN): “He can operate from the pocket. We did a lot of direct snap and he was effective in that. Certainly with his size, you want to be in a lot of shotgun as well. Accuracy, the arm strength and the ability to keep plays alive and doing those things naturally and not just getting this guy moving all over the place.

“When he came here, he had those traits of always bouncing back. When he gets here, he was overlooked. There were other quarterbacks who got the attention. He paid no attention to that. He just did his job and when he got his opportunity, he made the best of it.

“The best example is probably the (Nov. 7, 2020) Clemson game. We go up big, Clemson comes back and scores and goes ahead. Then he just responds. A body blow, then he comes back. That’s the kind of career he has had. Anytime he has taken a body blow, he has responded. Who wouldn’t want that kind of competitor?”

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NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah

• On Owusu-Koramoah: “You see explosive hits game after game after game. He’s so twitched up and explosive. Get him detached in space, makes plays. Explosiveness coming down hill, he closes down space. He’s 220 pounds and played a little bit lighter than that, so instead of taking on, he’s going to try and dip and slip underneath blocks, which he does outstanding.

“Lines up over the No. 2 receiver in the slot a bunch. He can run with that receiver, turn, find the football without question.

“If you get a chance to listen to him talk and speak, you get the sense he’s a linebacker leader. He’s impressive.”

NBC’s Chris Simms

• On Banks: “There’s really no weakness to his football game other than maybe he’s not a top-tier athlete as far as guards are concerned. But for a guard who’s 330-plus pounds, he’s a very good athlete. He’s going to be a guard who fits a team like the Raiders or Saints or Ravens where it’s guys who have size and power, and maybe athleticism is not quite essential as far as running their schemes.

“There’s a pure road-grading ability he has because of his size and athleticism where he can drive defensive tackles back. That’s the really good thing. With that size, he moves his feet well in pass protection. He’s day one NFL ready to start at guard for any team that has a need at that position.”

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