April 14, 2009

2011 linebacker picks up his first offer

If there's one thing that the top young prospects in the Lone Star State are learning this spring about college football recruiting, there's no such thing as starting too early.

Not when schools like Texas are almost full in recruiting before the end of their junior seasons. Not when other schools across the region are almost full before kids can begin their senior seasons.

Never before has the need for paying attention to all sides of the recruiting process been more important for young players. Quite frankly, unless you're among the elite of the elite, you're likely to get left behind these days if you simply wait for the recruiting process to come to you.

You can count Cedar Park (Texas) High linebacker Chet Moss among those that have gotten the memo. After a strong debut on his varsity team last fall as a sophomore, Moss has already started receiving attention from schools across the country and he hasn't been content with sitting on the sidelines, as he's been as pro-active as any member of the 2011 class.

"It's a blast so far," Moss said. "I always pictured myself getting into (recruiting), but I didn't know it would start this early. It always seemed liked the last few months, before I started getting recruited, that I just never really pictured myself doing it this early. It seemed so far away."

With schools from around the state sending out invites to sophomore days, spring games and spring practices, Moss has already had a chance to take a good look at what's in front of him in the next year.

"I've gone on visits to Rice, TCU, SMU, Texas Tech and Texas," Moss said. "We're going to Colorado this weekend. I heard it's beautiful."

As Moss gets to know the coaching staffs from around the region, he's keen on building relationships with all of the coaching staffs and acquiring as much information as possible on all of the schools recruiting him.

Along the way, he'd hoping that scholarship offers start to come in.

The good news for Moss is that the plan appears to be paying off, as his first scholarship offer came in last week after a visit to SMU.

"I was blown away," Moss said. "My dad and I went down there together. The original plan was to go down to the 25h of this month for a sophomore day, but we talked about coming down earlier. We asked if we could come down on a Saturday, watch practice and get a more personal experience. While we were watching practice, they were giving me a lot of attention and at the end of practice the defensive coordinator came over and was talking to me and my dad on the side. He told me that they had talked as a staff and although they had never offered a sophomore that early, they were offering me a scholarship. It's pretty cool to be the first sophomore to receive an offer from a school with a history like SMU. I didn't even know what to say."

With the first offer under his belt, Moss will now turn his attention to attending various summer camps in June.

"I'm going to camps at Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech and Colorado," Moss said. "I may go to LSU, but I'll probably wait until after the spring before I know for sure."

In the meantime, Moss doesn't want to lose sight of the fact that his junior season is right around the corner and he's on a team that has high expectations entering the year.

"Last year my head was spinning because we moved to a 3-4 and I've always played in the middle of a 4-3," Moss said. "You definitely want to see that you can hang with everyone (as a sophomore), but this year I want to dominate."

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