January 12, 2009

Big news for Najvar comes on visit

While many of the visitors on the Big Visit weekend had already been admitted to Stanford, some of the recruits had not yet been so fortunate. Although he committed back in July, Jordan Najvar was one of the few guys who had not heard back the good news from the admissions offices.

Heading into his official visit, Jordan knew that Stanford was the place he wanted to go. However, because he hadn't been admitted, he had scheduled visits with Arizona and Missouri. Thankfully, Jordan was able to cancel those visits, as he received the great admissions news during his time in Palo Alto.

"I talked to the Dean of Admissions when I was there because he wanted to get to know me personally," Najvar said. "About 10 minutes after my meeting, Coach Harbaugh came running after me and gave me a big hug, and told me that I had been admitted. When she heard that I had been admitted, my mom started crying."

Prior to his visit, Jordan had the opportunity to play in the Under Armour game. The chance to play against some of the best competition provided him with a great experience.

"It was a pretty cool way to end my high school career and to get a feel for how talented everyone is," Najvar said.

Jordan was not the only Stanford recruit in Orlando, as both Jamal Patterson and Josh Nunes were also selected for the game. This provided Najvar with a great chance to meet his fellow commits.

"Hanging out with Josh and Jamal was a huge benefit," the tight end said. "The game was like a vacation, and it was fun getting to do something that not everybody gets to do."

Although the admittance news was obviously the highlight of his visit, there were many other aspects that stood out for Jordan.

"The best part was being able to see all the guys and getting to know them," the Texas native said. "I had texted and talked with most of them, but its so much better to actually get to be with them in person."

The visit also provided Jordan with the chance to meet some current members of the team, as well as do a little recruiting for the class.

"My host for the weekend was Thomas Keiser," Najvar said. "I hung out with Andrew Luck and Michael Thomas a lot, since they are both from the Houston area. Every night we went out with the whole team and got to see all the players and all that."

Najvar also made time to talk to some of the uncommitted prospects that were a part of the weekend

"I talked to Tyler Gaffney a lot and tried to get in his ear," Najvar said. "I talked to Khalil Wilkes and Justin Bright as well. Michael Philipp and I spent a lot of time together, because are hosts were best friends. I have a good feeling about getting 3 of those guys, and it would be awesome."

During his time in Palo Alto, Jordan was able to speak with the coaches and get a good understanding of his role for the upcoming years.

"Basically, the coaching staff and my family are really close. My parents love the staff, and I feel like I can talk to Coach Drevino, Coach Buh, and Coach Harbaugh about anything.

"They told me they think that I could be one of the true tight ends in their system. I can block, I can flex out, and if I come in with the right attitude, I will be able to go right away. Either way, it will be a great experience to come in and compete."

Like many of his fellow commits, Jordan had heard the rumors about Coach Harbaugh and the NFL. After hearing from the coaches, Jordan has no concerns about the future of his coach.

"Right when the rumors happened, my step-dad talked to Coach Harbaugh," Najvar said. "He (Harbaugh) said that he was here to say and was not going anywhere. Everybody involved with the team knows that he is here to stay.

"The media likes to get rumors out there, but all of us know he is staying. He is working his butt off for all of us and for EUTM, and he wouldn't be doing all of that if he was going to leave."

As he prepares for his time at Stanford, Najvar sees many similarities between this group of recruits, and the group he entered high school with.

"My class in high school changed my high school program, and this class is the same way," Najvar said. "We can be one of the best to come through Stanford, and we can be the cornerstone and the foundation for the program.

"If we can get a winning season and make a bowl next year, no one will be able to compete with Stanford. With the academics and the scenery, why would anybody not want to come here? This class has the mentality that we can't lose."

The CardinalReport would like to congratulate Jordan on the terrific admissions news. There is no doubt he will do great things throughout his Stanford career.

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