January 13, 2009

Kohout fully recovered from shoulder injury

After a disappointing senior season cut short by a shoulder injury, Jordan Kohout is getting his football career back on track as one of four early graduates enrolling at the University of Wisconsin this past weekend.

Kohout, along with Travis Frederick, Jon Budmayr and David Gilbert became the first of the Badgers' 2009 freshmen class to arrive on campus in Madison.

Sunday night, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with the defensive tackle from Waupun (Wis.) to discuss his early enrollment and future with the Badger program.

For starters, what is your current size?

Kohout: Right now I'm 6-foot-4, 275 pounds.

How does it feel to finally be graduated and enrolled at school in Madison?

Kohout: Oh man, it's really exciting. It's truly mind blowing that I'll actually be working out with the team soon. It's going to be so strange going to college classes and everything.

Is it weird to think that some of your close buddies from home are still in high school?

Kohout: Yeah, in a way it's kind of weird. I'm sure it will settle in when I start going to class and working out with the team. Right now it still hasn't sunk in just yet, but when the rest of the students and players come back from vacation I'm sure it will hit home.

You will be rooming with Travis Frederick, does it help that you guys have a relationship prior to moving in?

Kohout: It definitely helps. Sometimes when you first meet a person there will be times of awkward silence. It helps because we've already been past that stage, we're friends, and it makes it just that much easier.

Have had the chance to speak with David (Gilbert) or Jon (Budmayr)?

Kohout: Yeah, actually I just got done speaking with David and Jon. David flew in today (Sunday) and Jon was up here on Saturday. David was definitely tired; he has some jet-leg after his flight from Florida. I'll be giving those guys a call later tonight, I'm sure we'll be hanging out a lot.

So what happen from here for you guys? Do you jump right into things or do you expect it to be a slow transition?

Kohout: Well, tomorrow (Monday) we have all kinds of different physicals. We'll be with the team physicians and spend most of the day getting checked-out. Then after that, I think the rest of the week we'll be doing some testing. I'm pretty sure when everyone arrives back on campus that's when we'll start working out with the team.

Has it hit you yet that you will soon be part of the Wisconsin Badgers?

Kohout: You know when you take the tours and go on your official visit it's surreal to think you'll be a member of the team. I remember seeing some of the players on my visits and it's weird to think they will be your teammate. Yesterday, I was lying in my bed and started thinking about how lucky I am. I couldn't believe I was going to play for the Wisconsin Badgers. It's one of those things you dream of as a child.

Lastly, how is your injury? You missed a majority of your senior season due to a shoulder injury.

Kohout: I'm 100 percent without a doubt. My rehabilitation went well and I've been 100 percent for some time now. Actually, just the other week I recorded my all-time max on the bench press. My shoulder is just fine.

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