January 8, 2009

Keenan Davis enjoys all-star experience

It was a good week for future Hawkeye Keenan Davis at the Under Armour All American Game last week. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Davis enjoyed the Orlando weather, got a chance to work with former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter, and held his own going up against some of the other top players in the nation. He talks about his all-star game experience and much more.

Q: What was the whole experience like down in Orlando at the all-star game?

DAVIS: I think it was the best thing for me. Just that week I think I learned more things than I've ever learned as a receiver. Here in Iowa, I kind of rely on my raw ability, but down there I had to learn technique fast. I met Cris Charter, he was down there, and he helped out a lot with things like how to get off the ball easier and everything. I think everything there just helped me as a player.

Q: What was the week of practice like leading up to the game? Was it pretty competitive or kind of laid back?

DAVIS: Well, I think it was more laid back than a regular high school practice, but we did have to learn a new system. I think we were more active with each other than the other team and that kind of showed during the game. The first couple of days everybody was a little rusty, but after a while it got really competitive and everybody was doing great. Everybody was All-Americans out there, so it was good competition.

Q: Just reading about practice, it sounded like you kept doing better and better as the week went on.

DAVIS: Yeah. The second practice I did pretty good, but the third practice I caught a lot of balls. It was more just good passes on the quarterbacks' side, but I did a lot better getting off the ball, getting open, and learning how to stay open.

Q: Then in the game they only looked at you once basically wasn't it?

DAVIS: Yeah, pretty much. I only got thrown to once and it was a 52-yarder. I got tripped up from behind. I was really close to scoring.

Q: What the game like, working with a new team and getting the win?

DAVIS: The game didn't feel like a regular football game because it was more laid back, but it was really competitive and we really wanted to beat each other too. I think the week really helped out more people, but the game showed what all we worked on.

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