July 31, 2008

Danser Visiting Washington

San Jose (CA) Bellarmine Prep offensive tackle Kevin Danser will make a trip the University of Washington this weekend to check out what Montlake has to offer. The 6-foot-6, 285-pound standout has never been to Seattle, but is excited to experience the Huskies' Senior Day.

"I'm going to be checking out the university, talking with the coaches, and just seeing what Seattle is like," explained Danser. "I'm excited to see what it's like."

Although he's never visited Montlake, Danser likes what the Huskies have to offer.

"They seem like an up-and-coming program. They seem like they're on the rise," said Danser. "I like the offense they run. I'm definitely excited about the possibility of going there."

Danser has already made campus visits to Arizona, where he holds an offer, UCLA, Northwestern and Cal.

"I like the coaches, they seem very interested in me. The weather is good and it's a nice place to be," said Danser of Arizona. "It seems they will have a very good year.

"It's in California, which is nice," expressed Danser of UCLA. "There's been a couple of guys from Bellarmine Prep that went there.

"They have good academics and it's a nice school," explained Danser of Northwestern. "It's a little bit away from home, so you can separate yourself. I like the area, it's a nice little college town.

"It's close to home, so you're near your family," said Danser of Cal. "I definitely like the coaching staff and they have good academics."

Danser, who carries a 3.6 GPA, is also receiving interest from Ivy League schools. In fact, Harvard has already stepped up to the plate with an offer.

"I have a brother that plays Ivy League, so he's kind of showing me what it's like," explained Danser. "It's definitely not a bad atmosphere."

Danser does not have a favorite at this time, but did admit that he would like to play in the Pac-10.

"That's certainly a possibility for me. I definitely like some Pac-10 schools - I'm liking the schools out west," expressed Danser. "But I can't really say I'm leaning towards any school. They're all still in the running."

However, Danser does have an idea of what he's looking for in a school, and he admitted a team's recent on-field success won't factor into his decision that much.

"Definitely the atmosphere around the campus - what it feels like around there. Also the coaching staff, because you spend a lot of your time with them," he said. "If I like the school and I find it's the right fit for me, I'm most likely going to chose that school."

Danser has been in contact with Coach Tim Lappano and Coach Mike Denbrock.

"Coach Denbrock says he definitely likes my run blocking ability," said Danser. "He likes my physical nature and he likes how I like to get after it."

Danser agrees with Denbrock's sentiments.

"I feel like I've got some pretty good footwork, and I feel like I'm very good at run blocking," he said. "I feel I center my game around those two things."

Though he does realize there's always room for improvement.

"I think I can work on my leverages, you can never get low enough," said Danser. "I can work on my footwork and my all-around game - pass blocking, run blocking - you can always improve."

However, Danser's talent is evident by the fact that he took home MVP honors for all participating offensive linemen at the Palo Alto NIKE Camp.

"I felt it went pretty well. I was able to go out there and showcase my talent, so it was cool," expressed Danser. "I wouldn't call it a surprise. I felt I did well enough to get it. Obviously there was some other good linemen out there. It was a tossup, but luckily they chose me."

Danser is making the trip with teammate Michael Clay, who also took home MVP honors for linebackers at the Palo Alto NIKE Camp. Clay has been offered by Washington, and is one of the Huskies' top linebacker targets.

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