July 25, 2008

Lone Star LB has big dreams

The Oregon Ducks have been prospecting deep in the heart of Texas for linebacker Chris Williams (6'1-", 4.46 hand-timed 40), from Abilene High School in Abilene, Texas. Duck Sports Authority caught up with him on his busy schedule to talk about recruiting and his game.

The quiet period has put a crimp in the Ducks recruitment of Williams. "No Oregon coach has ever called me. They have been in touch with my football coach at school. He handed me what I think is a written offer from them. I'm not sure it is that, but I think it is. I need to look closer," Chris informed us.

While Chris and DSA might not be sure of the extent of Oregon's interest, Chris certainly is. "I have talked to my friend and he says their campus is very nice. Oregon is a good team with good defense. I don't know much about the Oregon depth chart though. I have seen Oregon on TV. Their uniforms always stick out. I do have an interest in Oregon," Williams commented.

Chris Williams in Texas Ranger parlance is a wanted man. " I have over 20 written offers from schools such as OU, Rice, Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas AM, TCU, LSU, and I think
Oregon to name a few. I want to get out of the area to go to school though," Chris was quick to say.

When DSA asked Chris what his top five schools were, Williams filled in the blanks. "My top five are LSU, Oregon, Nebraska, Missouri, and Tennessee. I will go to the place that feels right," Williams said.

Playing in the limelight of Texas high school football, Williams is used to attention. "Texas high school football is so great. The towns basically shut down. Everybody gets up on Saturday and checks out the scores of other teams and conferences to see if teams are going to make the playoffs. Everybody supports their team. Also the competition is so good," Williams said proudly.

Chris is a very confident athlete. He is completely confident of his skills. "I was voted 5-A defensive player of the year. That is in the highest level of football in the best state of high school football in the country. I am a great talent. I know where to be in the right spot at the right time. If I hit someone, it will be a hard hit. I had 90 tackles, 67 of them that were solo. I also had over 30 tackles for loss. I was able to get about 10 sacks," Williams told us.

When asked about his rating by the recruiting services, Williams was less than pleased. "I feel that I have been underrated because we don't have financial ability to pay for me to go to camps. I have not gone to any camps this summer. I feel that I am the best linebacker in the best high school state. I feel this might make me the best linebacker in the country regardless of their rating. When I strap on the helmet I am ready to play. I am known for being a run stopper, but I feel that I am developing into a great coverage guy. If someone comes into my area it could be a bad day for them. Receivers need to stay out my area because they could get hurt. I feel I am a well-balanced player," Williams stated clearly.

Chris told us that he is getting ready to play at a higher level. "Some one is going to get a great player. You tell the people up North about me. I don't plan on stopping there. I intend on going all the way to the NFL," Williams firmly said.

Chris told us that he is getting a lot better as a prospect because of his workouts and at his academics. "I am using a local college workout. You can just see my body change. My bench is up to 345 and my squat is more than 525. I am also doing well at school. I got an 85 out of 100 GPA and at least a 1250 SAT. I plan on getting my degree. I will need it for a useful life after football," Williams firmly stated.

Chris wanted me to tell the Oregon fans. "I have never sat out a play in my life. I feel I can play right away. I really don't think I will have to red-shirt. I am a confident, nice person. I like to have a good time. I like people," Williams informed us.

Stay tuned to Duck Sports Authority to see if the Ducks snag Chris Williams and for any other important developments that affect the Oregon Ducks.

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