July 14, 2008

Lee's now the leader for Simpson

Buford High School lost some talent off of their 2007 15-0 AA State Championship squad, but Georgia commitment Dallas Lee is ready to help lead the Wolves back into battle this fall. Lee is a physical player that has great size, and Buford Head Coach Jess Simpson took the time to talk with us about his senior lineman.

"Georgia is getting a kid that is extremely smart with a 3.7 GPA first of all," said Coach Simpson. "He also has a lot of football savvy, he understands the game, he is a tough hard-nosed player, he moves well, and he is a kid that has a chance to be a very good one."

The 6-foot-4, 290-pound versatile lineman brings a lot to the table. People see his size immediately, but he offers much more than that.

"I think his understanding of the game and him knowing what he needs to do on every snap on offense or defense are big strengths. He understands blocking schemes on both sides of the ball, he plays great with his hands, and he is a lot to deal with on a high school football field."

With all of the strengths, every prospect has things to work on.

"Dallas is your typical high school big kid that has his aches and pains to deal with, so he has to deal with that some. He is also working on his flexibility and stiffness. A lot of credit goes to him because he has come a million miles in that department. He has made himself into a big time football player with all of his hard work."

Lee comes off as a soft spoken young man that just goes about his business on the football field. He does not do a lot of trash talking, he has not shown a lot of emotion in the past, but it is his time to step up and he is doing just that.

"He is a leader for us and he has learned a lot about leadership here," Coach Simpson noted.

"He is one of one or two guys that the younger kids are going to look to now, so he has learned how to become that leader and how to handle the younger guys. He has done a great job of taking that role and growing into a leader for us."

The combination of leadership, strong academics, size, versatility, and toughness led to a number of big offers before he decided to be a Bulldog.

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