July 8, 2008

Kohout reflects on summer

It's been quite some time since Jordan Kohout gave his verbal commitment to become part of the Wisconsin's 2009 football class.

Monday night, BadgerBlitz.com caught with the 6-foot-3, 260-pound defensive lineman to recap his experience at UW's first high school camp of the summer.

The following is a question and answer segment with the Waupun (Wis.) four-star prospect:

Is it possible for you to give us a brief summary of what you did throughout the course of camp?

Kohout: Well, I got there on a Sunday and checked in. It was pretty cool because Ryan Groy and I were able to room together. On the first day, we did all kinds of testing. I was able to meet a few guys while we were testing like Zach Anderson and Tyler Dippel. They were both really cool.

After all the testing we had a really short practice on the first day. Ryan and I were the first guys to go against each other, which was really cool because we were kind of the top guys. Ryan was still kind of sick, he was getting over mono. The next day we continued with two, two-hour practices.

It was really neat to see how Coach (Charlie) Partridge coaches. He's really positive and loves to get into the drills himself and demonstrate. You can really tell he loves his job and that was really refreshing. Also, I'm sure you heard of Brent Qvale, but Ryan and I had him come up to our room a few times to hang out. He was a really cool kid. It was great getting to know him.

The last day of practice was cool because we got to do some fun stuff. We had an obstacle course, and at the very end we got to do some sumo wrestling. It was the d-line vs. o-line. I thought that was really cool, I had a lot of fun there.

Do you recall any of your testing numbers?

Kohout: In the 40 I ran a 5.08. I was kind of upset about that time, but I spoke to Coach (Bret) Bielema about it and they usually take a tenth-and-a-half off on the turf. It's just a 40-yard dash; I'm not very concerned about that stuff anymore. My broad jump was 8 feet, 9 inches. My shuttle was 4.4 and I measured in at 6-foot-3, 255 pounds.

I actually started this new work out program and I've lost a lot of my non-muscle weight. I'm a lot leaner than I was and my shoulders are starting to get a lot bigger. It's more of a college program, it's a lot of explosion lifts. It's definitely a lot different from what I'm accustom to at my school. I'd say I'm around 260 pounds right now."

Do you feel you were able to stack up against the competition?

Kohout: I did well, but I feel I need to work on my technique. I was able to beat a lot of the offensive line by simply getting off the ball faster. It was really cool going against some top competition.

You mentioned you roomed with fellow Badger commit Ryan Groy. How is your relationship with him?

Kohout: It's good, we're pretty good friends. We had a really good time at camp. We were able to chill a lot. He's a cool guy, you can tell he really loves the game of football. It's funny because I come from a small school and I'm by far one of the biggest guys in the school. Then you meet a kid like Ryan and he's a giant. Brent Qvale was really nice, too. It was nice to meet a lot of those guys.

Who are some of the prospects you tried convincing to be Badgers while at camp?

Kohout: "Brent was one of the guys Ryan and I spoke with. We knew he was going to get offered because we saw Brent and his parents with Coach (Bob) Bostad in the lobby of the Regent (Hotel). We all knew he was going to get offered. We just told him that it was the place to be and it's great school.

They also offered a junior named Beau Allen, he was a really cool kid as well.

Could you compare the athletic abilities of Ryan Groy and Brent Qvale?

Kohout: I think Ryan is leaner than Brent is. Brent is just a beast. He has a size 19 shoe or something like that. Yeah, Brent's like 6-foot-8, 320 pounds. Ryan's like 290 or 300 pounds. When you look at Ryan he's lean for an offensive lineman. He carries his weight well and is in good shape. I can see Ryan doing a lot of pulling and things like that. I see Brent as a big, mammoth tackle in the mold of some of the huge Wisconsin tackles.

Did anyone impress you at camp?

Kohout: I felt that Zach Anderson and Tyler Dippel were really good. They stood out to me when I watched them. Especially Dippel, it was the first time he played on the defensive line and he was doing a really good job. I had never really heard of Zach until about a week before camp. I was on a few Web sites and saw he had a couple offers and thought that was pretty cool. He's really athletic for how big he is. He did something like 21 reps at 225 pounds, and I thought that was really impressive. You can really tell he wants to be a Badger. Every time we spoke he would tell me how much he wishes he could go Wisconsin.

Were you able to speak with any of the coaches while at camp?

Kohout: Yeah, I spoke with Coach Partridge quite a bit. I also spoke with Coach Bielema and Coach (Randall) McCray a lot. Also, Tom Lemming was there, and I spoke with him. Mr. Lemming spoke with Tyler, Ryan and I about possibly being nominated for a couple of national all-star games. I thought that was pretty cool.

Since your commitment to Wisconsin, have any schools continued to stay in contact?

Kohout: After I made my commitment a lot of Ivy League schools started sending me hand-written letters. But I didn't send anything back. I just get the generic propaganda from a lot of the Big Ten schools. I'm strong on Wisconsin and that's where I'm going to go.

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