April 27, 2008

Missouri TE on the radar

Springfield (MO) Glendale TE Alex Sanders has been keeping busy this spring. He was hoping that he woud get some interest in recruiting, but had no idea the attention may come so soon and from so many different places.

"It's been going really well," said Sanders. "I've been trying to keep in touch with all the different schools. I've been talking with Kansas, Iowa, Missouri. I've also been talking some with Vanderbilt. I'd say those are probably the four schools I've talked with the most. I've been talking about how the coaches run their program and the different facilities they have. It's also been nice getting to know different coaches and trying to figure out how they would want to use me if I went there. I've talked with Coach Johnson from Iowa and coach Blaney from Kansas on different occasions and try to keep in touch with them as best as I can."

Sanders said he has also been talking with Missouri coach Dave Christensen over the last month or so. Sanders said that it has been a big help talking with the Missouri coach because not only has he been able to learn about Missouri, but he has also found out a lot of good things about what will help him in recruiting.

"He's a great guy," said Sanders. "I really like him a lot. When I went down for their junior days, it was a better experience than I thought it would be. He was fun to talk to and made everything really easy on everyone. I love his coaching style. We've talked about what most of the players do their first year and whether redshirting would be an option. He was just trying to help me get prepared for the rest of recruiting as well as things I can use later down the road."

Sanders got a chance to talk with the Missouri coach last weekend when he was in columbia for the Tigers' spring game. He said it was a good chance for the coach to talk with him and his father in person and see exactly what he was hoping to see while in town.

"I know the coaches were a little busy, but Coach Christensen talked to me and my dad about the camp they're going to have down in Springfield and he said they definitely want to see me work out there and perform on the field," said Sanders. "It was a great trip. I got to talk with Coach Christensen a little bit more and saw some of the signees so I thought it was pretty good. I really liked everything that the offense had to offer. I thought it was good to see how everyone on the team was playing and it was fun watching Jeremy Maclin play. It's always amazing to me to see how big Chase Coffman has been getting and I try and compare myself with him since we play the same position. I also saw Chris Earnhardt and he was a lot bigger than when I played against him a few years ago."

Sanders said he was amazed at how many people were at the game in columbia and added it definitely added to the atmosphere of being in town. He said that it meant that others besides him saw how good the team is and he said the success at his position had really caught his eye in recent years.

"I thought it was awesome to see so many people at the game," said Sanders. "It really got me excited about Missouri to see so many fans there for the spring game, despite the weather. It's really an awesome thing to see so many people dedicated to their team, and it's a great team to cheer for. Missouri's exactly the same type of offense that we run down here at Glendale. What they want to use me as is a Tight end. I know they've had a great success at the position. Martin Rucker and chase Coffman have been awesome and if I went there, I'd try to model my game after them. I'd really love to play in the spread offense and if I'm going to look at that offense, Missouri might be the best option in the country for anyone who wants to be in the spread offense, especially at tight end."

After the trip to visit Missouri, Sanders said it would not be the only place he was going to be seen by schools. He said that he already had a plan to camp with a variety of schools to make sure he gave himself every chance to prove himself on the field.

"I know I'm going to Missouri's camp down here in Springfield and I'll go to the NIKE camp in Ohio," said Sanders. "I'll go to Kansas' 7-on-7 camp and Arkansas' senior camp. I'm pretty sure I'll also be going to Iowa and Vanderbilt camps. I think my team will also be going to the Iowa State camp as well."

Sanders said he picked up an offer from Missouri State earlier this week and hoped that it would not be the last he got. He said that he would continue to work hard to show teams what he could do. He wasn't sure when recruiting might end for him, but did say that if one team did offer, it would be hard to say no.

"I know I don't have any offers, but I'd have to say Missouri is probably my favorite," said Sanders. "I've grown up all my life being a Tiger fan and it's close to home. I like the coaches and the program so it's pretty easy to be a big fan of theirs. I don't want to commit too early because I want to leave my options open, but if Missouri offered, I'd definitely think about committing quickly."

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