December 25, 2007

Square wraps impressive season

Yates (Houston) defensive tackle Damion Square has flown a bit under the radar screen since committing to the Alabama Crimson Tide but the three-star defender recently led his team to a deep run in the playoffs thanks in large part to his efforts on the defensive front. Yates' playoff run was ended in a 28-14 loss to Waller that sent Square and his teammates home.

"It was hard. We took the loss hard because we thought we had everything we needed to win a state championship. The season went well but it just felt hollow when we didn't win it all. That was so hard for me. I took a couple of weeks off and then got right back to work," Square said. "I'm already training hard. I'm going to Alabama next year and I'm going to play. I have a personal trainer and he's been killing me. My bench press is up to 345-pounds and my endurance is the best it's better in. I don't think I've ever been in better shape.

"During the season all the coaches told me focus on getting better and ready to play next year and I took it to heart. I'm going to be ready because when they need me I want to show them everything I've got. I'm very excited about next year at Alabama."

In the meantime, Square has also been helping the Crimson Tide to continue to recruit some of the top players in the 2008 class.

"I'm keeping a close eye on how this class finishes. We have a chance to have the best class in the country. I already think that it is. When you look at all the great players coming in and so many more who want to be part of it you have to see that everything is falling into place," Square said. "I've been trying to help Alabama with some recruits. I talked to Rod Davis but I don't think he's going to do anything. He wants to stay close to his mom and I understand that. But I did meet Aundre Dean at the touchdown club awards banquet the other day and he told me he was looking at Alabama hard. So we started talking. I'm also close to Jerico Nelson and he likes Alabama a lot also."

While Square says he continues to hear from top programs from around the country, he insists that his recruitment is finished.

"I still get some schools trying to call but I tell them thanks but no thanks. They hit me from all different kind of angles and some won't give up but that's cool. I am honest with them and that way there is no hard feelings," Square said. "I'm 100% solid to Alabama. They won me over when I committed and I love the program they are building. We are going to win a national championship and our class will be remembered as a major stepping stone toward getting Alabama back to where they need to be."

Square had 14 sacks as a senior.

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