August 20, 2012

Addison Pulsipher Looks to Forward to Playing at BYU with His Brothers

Addison Pulsipher didn't commit to BYU because his dad played on the offensive line there, he didn't commit so that he could block for his brother Andrew who might play quarterback there when he tries out for the team since returning from his mission, and he isn't donning Cougar blue so that he can block his other brother Adam in practice, who will be playing linebacker when he returns from his mission.

"I think the family aspect of it was a plus, but just because my family went there isn't why I want to go there... Number one would be the religion aspect, and how it's the most important thing there. And if you can't play football without religion then what's the point of football? It's one thing that Coach Mendenhall talked about is that if you can't do the religion with everything you do, what's the point? Another thing would be the environment there, it's a really, really nice environment. The honor code, I like how they have that and they hold their kids to it. And the football program's really good, they're expanding with going independent and I think that really helps them out... they're playing better teams now."

Playing better teams won't be a new thing for Addison, being in the same league as Vista Murrieta High School. Last year as a Junior he had the assignment of blocking Jeremy Castro, a 6-foot-1 240-pound 4 star senior who is now a freshman at UCLA, and USC commit Su'a Cravens who is going into his senior season and is a 5 star safety who frequently came on blitzes from the outside linebacker position. "I felt I did fairly well against (Jeremy Castro).... I felt the same about (Su'a Cravens), he's so quick you just got to work your quickness with him." How is Addison strong enough to block elite 240-pound DE's and quicker 205-pound safeties? "My speed and footwork, stuff like that, positioning and smarts."

What's with all of this talk about blocking when Addison is listed as a DE? "They were looking at me at defensive end and then they switched it to (offensive) tackle when I was up there at Junior Day. Because I was at 215 last year and now I'm about 255, 260. So I gained quite a bit of weight. So they moved me to O-Line, and they like me there with my athleticism.... We have Dynamic Fitness, a workout group here in Southern California, they're working us out at their school. It's a lot of stabilization, they use all of the science behind it, they know all of that. I think it really helped get me bigger this last year. From December to June my body finally filled out, I really focused on getting bigger and lifting hard and trying to be a better player. It was a lot of muscle, and a lot of stretch marks... it was probably about 35 pounds of muscle. Between bench, incline, squats and powercleans I added about 175 pounds to my combined max." That's an average increase of almost 45 pounds per lift, in only 6 months. "At first I lost a little bit (of speed with all of his weight gain), but now that I'm back into football I think I regained the speed and quickness.

Why doesn't Addison have more offers after having gotten so big and strong while maintaining his speed and quickness? "I honestly only went to the BYU camp this year. I didn't go to any others, I think I would have signed up for more if BYU weren't as interested in me, but it sounded like they were really interested so I put all of my eggs in one basket... Pretty much all of the Pac 12 schools came down to my high school, and they all looked at me and they were really impressed, it sounded like they would offer if I would have pursued it a little harder, but BYU was my dream school and I knew that's where I wanted to go... (BYU) really got to know you on a personal level, rather than just as a football player. And they wanted to know if you were a good kid and how your work ethic is, they really got to know the kids before they would offer them.... The first time I was up in Bronco's office was two years ago. And he said 'I'm calling you in here not because of your family, and what your brother's did. It's because I saw you and I liked how you were playing. So this has nothing to do with your family, it's all on an individual basis.'"

One thing Coach Mendenhall definitely would have liked about Addison is his pass blocking ability. Addison says that because of his quickness pass blocking is his biggest strength, but now that Addison is so much bigger he feels like his run blocking is almost just as good. He plans on grey shirting his first year, followed by a redshirt year, then he would serve his mission and come back with 4 years of eligibility. So it might be a while before Cougar fans get a chance to see a Pulsipher on the field at all times, but playing for BYU is about more than just playing for the name on the back of the jersey.

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