March 27, 2011

Army hit the jackpot in Florida for the 2011 Class

Florida remains one of the deepest states relative to high school football talent.

So when Floridians Miles Bennent , Tyrone Brown, Daniel Grochowski, Addison Holstein and Greg Rabb all said yes to the Black Knights of Army, they became part Army a very impressive 2011 recruiting class.

Of course there are common denominators with these five players that go beyond the obvious … being from the Sunshine state.

But also, each player was recruited by defensive tackle coach Clarence Holmes, as well as being courted by other college programs for their services.

In the case of big defensive tackle Tyrone Brown and power leg kicker Dan Grochowski, both turned down preferred walk-on opportunities with the Florida Gators, while safety Addison Holstein said yes to Army and no to Stanford.

Then there is Bennett, who is an all-purpose running back with size (5'11", 205) and speed (4.47 in the 40), a powerful fullback in Rabb, who could offer 2/3 of a powerful dynamic duo of a backfield. The two, along with Brown will kick off the Black Knights' career at the USMAPS, while Grochowski and Holstein will enter in directly. had a chance to connect with Brown and Grochowski for a quick update … as they are only just three months away from hitting the West Point campus.

The 6-foot-2, 290 pound Brown, who has completed track and now has focused his attention on lifting and running, seems very excited about getting his Army Black Knights' career started.

"I'm very excited about getting there," he shared today, as he describes what his workout routine consist of.
"I'm doing conditioning, because I am know I'm going to need that up there. I'm doing the squats, the benching, cleans … all the stuff that I know I will need for college football."

"I haven't got my workout manual from Army yet, but I spoke to Coach Holmes a couple of days ago about it, but either way, I will be ready."

Like most commits for Army, Brown has been keeping tabs on who will be his future class and teammates.

"I know that Miles Bennett is on board, but I don't know him personally, so I might have to look him up," Brown declares.

Like Brown, Grochowski is working hard to get ready for the next level.

"I report June 26th for R-Day and the first week of August start football practice," says the top tier kicker, who knows that the first day of school at West Point not your typical college experience.

"The coaching staff has been feeling me in on what will be going on and getting all the incoming freshmen ready."

So what does a kicker do to prepare for his freshman year of college football?

"I'm not your normal kicker … I'm in there working out with the all the big guys," says Grochowski, who chuckles at his on comment. "I enjoy being in the weight room and being one of the strongest guys on the team.

The 6-foot-3, 215 pound kicker has a max bench of 330 pounds.

"They sent me a workout manual and I've really doing that, but I'm also part of the weight lifting team at my high school. I'm competing for that and we have the state qualifier on Friday and I have a good chance to do that. Then I've doing the discus for track … just keeping myself in the competition atmosphere."

But beyond the lifting and track, the Florida prospect takes the necessary measures to ensure that his flexibility ability will have him ready to compete when he arrives this summer.
"I stretch with a specialist and I go to him three times a week where he does active engaged stretching … I'm in there with for about an hour," he explains. "Then I stretch on my own every morning and night."

And what about Grochowski's kicking?

"I really haven't kicked the ball in awhile, because I have been focused on weight lifting and track, so I haven't really had time to get out there," he says.

"Probably mid-April is when I will start, because our high school starts spring ball so I will get out there and start my kicking, along with working with the current kickers."

"I'm really excited and looking forward to getting up to West Point."

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