January 14, 2011

WR, Newman says yes to the Black Knights

Duty, Honor and Country are not some mythical words that West Point hopes may trickle down to the Corp of Cadets, but it is a way of life - a lifestyle. And when it comes to the Army football program, those three words don't start and end with the players, but transcend throughout the coaching staff as well.

If you were to just target one of the words from the West Point motto, Honor, then you can understand why most recruits who have the opportunity to take an official visit come away in awe of not only West Point, but the Black Knights' football program, the Ellerson and his coaching staff.


What is honor? Our description is simple … "it is a decision to place high value, importance and worthiness on someone. Where you recognize them as a priceless treasure, therefore showing them great respect in your life … honor!"

Yes, the idea of an official visit is to sell the prospect on the football program, the school and the future after former two.

And yes, the Black Knights' staff and those in administration that take part in Army's official visit weekend are no different in their "sales" approach. However, it is less sales and more the reality of the mission of the academy, as well as the vision and goals of the football program … both of which are married to one another.

But here's the big difference … Coach Ellerson understands the emotional - eye opening impact that visiting West Point can have on a recruit, many who immediately want to commit on the spot. And that's where part of the difference lays and honor establishes itself.

The Army head coach does not and will not accept any prospects "yes" decision while they are on campus … yet he mandates that they separate themselves from the bells and whistles, along with now emotional attachment to all that is West Point … return home, take a deep breath, sit down with their family and assess the opportunity - and then make a calculated decision.
That's honor!

For wide receiver Justin Newman, he could be one of many poster children for the aforementioned process.

For some time now, the 6-foot-3, 180 pound receiver from Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View High School has been a heavy lean towards Army and his official visit on last weekend simply sealed the deal. However, if the swift receiver could have committed on the spot, he would have. So for the next 48 hours, he patiently awaiting the time in which he could call or text the staff to let them know that he wants to become a Black Knight.

"This morning I called Coach Guyader and we talked about my visit … and that's when I told him that I wanted to play football for Army," Newman shared with GBK yesterday. "He was very excited, and of course I'm very excited."

"School wise, you can't beat that education … it's the best in the country. On the football front, Coach Ellerson is really turning the program around and in a few years we should be in one of the BCS bowls and I want to be part of that."

But Newman understands that there is still much work to be done prior to making his way to West Point this summer. "Right now I'm in track where I run the 200M and 400M," shares Newman, who will be a direct admit. "After track I will focus on my lifting."

Newman bellows these closing words to the Army fans … "Go Army, Beat Navy."

GoBlackKnights.com will have more on Newman as we will begin to move into our National Signing Day coverage.

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