December 2, 2010

QB, Lehman excited to be a Black Knight

There's an old saying that goes, "you have to know who you are to know where you going and that the worst thing that can happen is to have the cook out in the field leading the battle and the General in the kitchen cooking the food."

The morale? Your identity is tied to your destiny.

For quarterback Jonathan Lehmanout of Brookfield (WI) Brookfield East High School he had a grasp of his destiny as a young boy and now he is about to fulfill that calling in his life, which is to attend West Point and play football for the Army Black Knights.

"About 5th grade my passion for going to a service academy really took off and I went through my middle school career really prepping myself for working hard in high school to do what I need to do to get into a service academy," shares the 6-foot-2, 180 pound dual-threat quarterback.

"When I applied to colleges, it was only West Point and the Naval Academy. So when I got accepted into West Point, there was no need to go with a backup plan."

Lehman's tracking into his West Point acceptance, as well as becoming the newest member of the Army's 2011 football recruiting class didn't follow the normal process, but he is thrilled about the outcome.

"I actually found out about my acceptance before even the Congressional interviews took place," confirms Lehman who maintains a 4.01 GPA and has plans to major in either International Relations or Foreign Language.

"I went to the West Point Summer Leadership Seminar after my junior year and soon as I started my senior year I put in my application. Then I got a letter of appointment and I looked to see who nominated me and it was the Superintendent of West Point. That was shocking because that doesn't happen for many applicants."

Once Lehman got the word, it was clear that he would be making his way to one of the most historical colleges/universities in the nation … with or without football.

"He pretty made up his mind this past summer that he wanted to go to Army or Navy," declares Brookfield East High School Head Coach Tom Swittel. "I had gotten a ton of calls (colleges), but when he got his appointment to West Point early in the season, he never really considered anything else. He went to their Leadership Program this summer and loved it."

But Swittel was quick to point out that West Point is also getting a pretty solid football player, who's style of play should fit well in Army's triple option offense. "We ran a lot of option with him this year. I wouldn't call us an option team, but we ran speed option with him. We were a very balanced team, between the run and pass."

"He's one of the most outstanding young men that I have ever worked with," says Swittel. "This is a guy who academically has it together. For me a quarterback is someone who wants to be the man and embrace the position and Jonathan does.

"He understands what it means to be a quarterback and he's a great leader. He a young man who never flinches

He runs a legit 4.56 speed … he can really run. His expression never changes and nothing bothers him."


But even with all of Swittel's words of affirmation surrounding his quarterback's attributes, it took a second look from Army Head Coach Rich Ellerson that got Lehman that one offer that he had been hoping for as a youngster.

"Coach Joe Ross and I were emailing back and forth and I sent him my film," Lehman shared. "He evaluated it and said it looked good and when I came in June that I could come in as a walk on. That was my understanding for about a solid 2-3 weeks and then I got another email from him. He said that I have some good news for you … Coach Ellerson evaluated your tape and you are now a Black Knight recruit and not a walk-on when you arrive in June."

Excited? "I don't even know where to begin. This is my goal … to attend West Point and to play football for Army is icing on the cake."

Although timing did not allow for Lehman to make it to the West Point campus to take in any of Army's home games, he plans on being there for their final game of the 2010 season.

"When I finally got word of their football interest, there were no more home games, so I couldn't take an unofficial there. But I am taking an official visit and I'm going to attend their bowl game in Dallas."

In addition to football, Lehman participates in track where he runs 100M, 200M, 4x100 and the 4x200 with a personal best of 11.01 in the 100M. congratulates Lehman for becoming the newest member of the Black Knights' 2011 recruiting class.

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