October 1, 2010

Q&A with Tech commit Adeboye Aromire

Virginia Tech officially picked up a commitment from defensive back Adeboye Aromire in mid-June following a silent commitment at the Hokies spring game. The 6-foot-0, 192-pounder selected the Hokies over numerous offers including North Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia. With his season in full swing, Hokiehaven.com decided to check in on Aromire with a Q&A to find out more about the future Hokie.

Aromire discusses his relationship with Ricardo Young, why prospects from H.D. Woodson are drawn to Tech and more inside.

Hokiehaven.com: Tell me about your relationship with Ricardo Young, how has that grown since you committed in June?

Adeboye Aromire: Ricardo and I were always close. We've been close for a long time. When I first came to H.D. we became teammates and showed a lot of similar traits. We were both hard workers and intellectuals, we do the best in the things we do whether it was in the classroom or on the field. We are both the type of people that think past the present, about the future and he has helped me with that.

"Since I committed, basically our relationship has grown a lot. Whenever he comes home we do something, we go out. We get closer and closer. When I get down there he'll be the closest thing I've got to family. We talk about it all the time; he can't wait till I get to college. We're real fortunate we get to go to college together."

HH: Tell me how you first got to know Ricardo Young?

AA: I knew Ricardo actually before I transferred to H.D. Woodson. He was a real close friend with a friend of mine, Nigel Rios who played wide receiver with me at Flowers High School in Maryland. He transferred to H.D. the year before I did and when I got there we hit it off."

HH: Tell me about your relationship with Coach Kevin Sherman, what sticks out about him that makes H.D. Woodson prospects like Virginia Tech so much?

AA: Coach Sherman is a great, guy, a standup guy. I feel like I have a good relationship with him out of all my recruiters, a personal relationship with Coach Sherman. He's a good guy and gets to know me more as a person. He always has good things to say and tries to keep me grounded.

The thing about Coach Sherman as a whole that we connect with is that he's a guy like us. He's African American, open and honest and he's been through high school. Basically, he's been everywhere we're trying to go, we can connect with him.

HH: Are there many similarities between H.D. Woodson and Virginia Tech?

AA: I don't know, I guess with the pipeline when it started, the first guys went down there and did well. Ricardo is doing really well and overall guys from H.D. have done well. The situation seems to fit us. The situation for me down there, Rock Carmichael is a senior and that opens up the position for guys to compete to start. For Ricardo, after Tyrod Taylor, he can battle Logan Thomas and Ju-Ju Clayton for the position. It just so happens it's a good chance to compete for a position, it works out for us.

HH: You mentioned you like the Virginia Tech defense, but what makes you feel like you're a good fit for it?

AA: I feel like I'm a good fit for Tech's defense to start because Bud Foster is a great coach and a great defensive coordinator. It's a beautiful scheme, one of the top defenses in the last decade. I love to play at the boundary corner, the short side of the field, that requires a physical corner and a good tackle. I feel like I'm physical enough to help on run support and can come and make plays on the short side. I'm aggressive and agile; the boundary corner is a perfect fit. I'm a physical athlete that can control the ball.

HH: Your assistant, Coach Wayne Johnson has mentioned your leadership ability in the secondary, what can you say about your skills in that respect?

AA: The thing about it, I'm kind of a laid back guy. There are a lot of guys that are talkers rather than doers; instead you'll never catch me doing that. I walk into practice and try to keep it up-tempo, fast paced. I feel like I lead by example unless I have to. I always try to keep a level head and keep my cool. Like Ricardo was last year, everybody respected him because he was calm and composed in the pocket. That spoke volumes and people respected that. I'm trying to lead by example and be level headed, a security blanket.

HH: Do you still intend to graduate early?

AA: I'm leaving in December. I think I'm going to take my official in November. The Virginia game seems likely.

HH: What has Ricardo Young told you about graduating early? What made you want to do it?

AA: He described to me the 6 a.m. workouts and I feel like he explained more of the conditioning stuff and about being in the best shape I can be in, especially for spring ball so I'll have an opportunity to play well once the season starts. My ultimate goal is to get on the field as early as possible.

Really, I feel all in all it's a good decision. I get to start my college career early, a semester ahead with the rest of my class. I get to adapt earlier and hopefully graduate earlier after four years. Why put it off when I can start now.

HH: When did you start playing football in the first place, what got you into it?

AA: I started playing when I was eight-years old. I played for a team right down the street from where I grew up in Maryland, the Bulldogs. My brother played football, he's five-years older than me and I wanted to play. My mom didn't want me to because she thought I'd get hurt. My brother talked her into it and it's a good thing, now I'm getting opportunities I wouldn't have. I'm not sure where I'd be if I didn't get into football.

I played running back in my younger days up till 10th grade. I thought I was the best running back. My sophomore year I played wide receiver and then when I transferred to H.D. I had great footwork and played cornerback. Coach Johnson saw it in me.

HH: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

AA: When people hear me talk they're always surprised I don't have some sort of accent.

Actually my mother and father are Nigerian immigrants and came to Maryland 20-years before I was born.

HH: Finally, do you have a nickname?

AA: Boye.

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