September 16, 2010

MU targets Lone Star State DB

One state you haven't heard much of Doc Holliday and the Marshall coaching staff targeting for the class of 2011 is the state of Texas.

While the Thundering Herd may not be targeting a ton of prospects in Texas, there are a select few prospects in the Lone star state the MU coaching staff has extended scholarship offers to.

One such prospect that has caught their attention in Texas is defensive back Ryan Pollard out of Arlington-Martin in Arlington, Texas.

He earned second team all-district honors last season while leading Arlington-Martin to the third round of the playoffs.

As good of a football player Pollard is, he's even more dominant as a student in the classroom; boasting a 4.3 GPA.

The 5'9, 165 pounder has remarkable footwoork and hits incredibly hard for a guy his size.

He plays much bigger than his size and is excellent at navigating around opposing blockers in order to make a tackle.

He stays extremely low the ground in his backpedal and overall just has excellent football instincts.

HerdNation caught up with the gifted defensive back yesterday and asked him about his college football recruitment process, among other topics.

Below is the interview.

Defensive Back Ryan Pollard

Talk about the colleges you're interested in as far as college football recruiting is concerned:

"Right now I have offers from Wyoming, Air Force, and Marshall University. Those are my Divsion I-A offers and I have an Ivy League offer from Dartmouth. I'm getting some looks out of Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Boise State, Kansas State, Baylor, mostly all of the Big 12 schools, except for Texas. That's pretty much most of them off the top of my head."

How are your grades so far in the classroom:

"Well, we get our progress reports tomorrow but I'd say they're pretty high. Probably one of my highest years, I'm gonna say."

What schools are you planning on visiting:

"I haven't really decided that yet. I'm probably gonna focus more on my senior season and I'll probably start taking visits after that. I haven't really thought about that yet."

Why don't you talk about Marshall, how much have you heard from the Thundering Herd:

"I talk to them about every week. You know I've got a good relationship with Coach (Fred) Tate and we talk. I watched their game and I watched them play West Virginia."

What's your relationship like with Coach Tate:

"We're just talking about every week now that he can call me every weekend. He knows me and we talk and talk about football, talk about games, talk about Marshall, talk about anything pretty much."

His thoughts on Wyoming and if he's interested in the Cowboys:

"Definitely, it seems like at Wyoming, I'm thought of highly up there. They let me know that I was their first call to make on the first day when they could call recruits. I feel like I'm a high priority up there and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun."

His thoughts on Air Force:

"Air Force, they were the first team I started talking to out of the three (Marshall, Wyoming, and Air Force). I've been talking to them and one of my teammates went there just last year. I probably know a little bit more about Air Force than my other schools. We talk all the time. I've talked to the head coach (Troy Calhoun), I've talked to pretty much all the coaches and some of the players down there. It seems just like any other Division I-A University, not just because it's an academy."

What's the biggest thing you're trying to work on this season:

"I probably need to work on being more of a vocal leader. I know how to lead by example, but I need to try to lead more vocally for my team. Rather than lead just by example, I'm gonna try and lead vocally and by example."

Who's been the most influential person as far as your football career is concerned?

"I'd probably say my mom because she works hard. She was the first person in her family to go to college. I'd like to repay her by not having her have to pay for my college. She's probably influenced me the most to work the hardest and get a scholarship."

Have you been enjoying the recruiting process so far?

"Oh yes, definitely you know. I probably get just the right amount of attention, not too much and not too little. It's real fun getting to talk to coaches all over the country and getting to go places all over the country; getting free tickets to games and stuff like that. I think it's pretty fun."

Pollard and the Arlington-Martin Warriors currently sit at 1-2 on the season and will face off against Bowie (Arlington, Texas) next Friday, September 24th.

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