September 7, 2010

Daniels liked Tech offense, facilities

Albuquerque (N.M.) La Cueva athlete Ronnie Daniels was in Lubbock over the weekend to see Tech open their 2010 season against SMU. Since his last "gameday" visit to West Texas for the New Mexico game in 2009, a lot had changed on the Texas Tech campus.

"The stadium was really nice and the crowd was awesome. It was a lot wilder than the game I went to last year," Daniels said. "The weight room was really cool, and the locker room too. It's a real business like atmosphere when you walk into those places inside the football fieldhouse. You just know that serious stuff is going on in there."

"I got there Saturday night and then just got up the next morning and walked around the campus some. I got to see a lot of the new buildings that have been put up recently, and some that they're building now. It was a nice place," he said. "We saw the people tailgating all over the place and it was crazy. The one thing that stuck out was just the number of people there. There were people in red and black everywhere. It was packed and there was a lot of noise in the stadium. I can definitely see how it would get you fired up."

Daniels was able to visit with the majority of the Red Raider coaching staff, most notably Sonny Cumbie and Chad Scott. It was readily apparent on Sunday that their mood had changed somewhat. "You could tell there was a different attitude than just any other day. They were as friendly as usual, but you could tell there was some intensity that isn't always there. It was cool to see them kind of in that gameday mode."

The 6-foot-1, 195-pounder persevered through the heat as well, and didn't seem to bristle at the thought of someday playing in something similar. "I don't mind playing in the heat. It was really hot out there, but I'd rather play in the heat than in the cold, personally. That's what you prepare for, though. That's why it's so important to condition yourself in the summer and I think Tech was better conditioned for that than SMU."

Daniels also noticed a rushing effort that was less than what he expected, but the versatility of the offense was what lingered in his mind after leaving the Jones Stadium.

"I was surprised at how balanced the offense was. I think everybody was expecting them to run the ball a lot more, but it was split up quite a bit. I think when the rushing attack gets better it will be used more. The pass was working against SMU, and you've got to go with what works," he said. "I thought the offense was nice, especially the tempo. They ran a lot of plays quickly and it really kept the defense on their heels. It seemed like they were able to adjust on the fly when they needed to, and still were able to be pretty efficient. I thought it was really nice for the first game in a new system."

Daniels committed to Texas Tech in July over offers from Arizona, East Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Mexico State, San Diego State, and Tulsa.

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