September 2, 2010

The school so nice, he wants to visit twice

The first time Daniel Murray ventured down onto the field of Nippert Stadium he performed well enough to earn a UC scholarship offer. How could the San Diego-native possibly expect to top that during his return visit?

As Murray solidified plans Wednesday for an official visit at September 25th, perhaps he could witness the ousting of a Top 5 team. The same weekend the Oklahoma Sooners come to town, so too will UC verbal Murray.

"I am excited," said Murray. "My dad is also coming."

With help from the UC coaching staff Murray was able to finalize all the details surrounding his visit Wednesday. He will get to talk to classmate Patrick Coyne during the game.

"I talk to Patrick Coyne all the time and Chad West sometimes and saw him (Coyne) at the camp I went to," said Murray. "But I never talked to them in person."

Every year there is one game that more recruits sign up to attend than any other. Recruits are not ignorant of football tradition and OU football has more of it than most.

All polls rank the Sooners in the top 10 entering to the season. They could be the highest ranked opponent the Bearcats play all regular season. Of course Pitt has the chance to climb the charts and any Big East team that starts 5-0 or 6-0 deserves to be ranked at some level.

Opening with three home games against Utah State, a rebuilding Florida State, and Air Force, Oklahoma players could easily step off the plane in Week Four with a little #5 next to their name.

Eager to learn

Already a starting tackle for the Torrey Pines Falcons, Murray wants to master center. Oh, and guard. And don't forget his time at tackle.

"I wanted to play center this year, but they wouldn't let me," said Murray.

Coincidentally UC projects Daniel-son as a center in college. The other two Class of 2011 OL members currently verballed to UC are Justin Murray and Parker Ehinger.

Ehinger stated unequivocally that he has always played tackle and will always play tackle. The Murray of the Justin variety could work out at either guard or tackle in college.

Asked if he wanted to play center in preparation for UC football, D. Murray said no. He just wants to learn more.

Sounds like this Falcon is far from feeling that affliction popularly dubbed "Senioritis."

"We run the Wing-T, but we change it up because of me and my QB," said Murray. "I move around a lot. They put me at guard for pulling plays and tackle for the rest."

Where some HS football players are cutting corners, leaving weight-lifting sessions early, and generally coasting through practices, Murray has shown a maturity beyond his years.

"Last year he was the one that kept our line strong," said Torrey Pines QB John Cabot. "He would make sure they were not messing around during drills and going 100% all the time."

The talent that earned him a scholarship offer was his pass-blocking and footwork. However, Cabot sees him improving as a run blocker too.

"I can't even count how many big hits I've seen Murray do on running plays," said Cabot.

Torrey Pines High School opens their 2010 season Friday night. After months of free Friday nights, Murray is now devoted to football all season long. Fortunately he has a bye week in late September affording him the opportunity to visit UC.

Owner of a few UC clothing items, Murray plans on picking up a few more during the visit. The hope is that Murray is as pleased with his selection as the Bearcat coaches are destined to be with theirs.

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