August 20, 2010

Q&A with Tech commit Kris Harley

Back in April, Virginia Tech picked up a big commitment from Rivals250 defensive tackle Kris Harley. The 6-foot-2, 260-pounder picked the Hokies over numerous other scholarships including Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Michigan and more. With his season beginning this evening, decided to start back with Q&A's on the Hokies commitments.

Harley discussed his ability to date, playing for Warren Central, Darren Evans and much more inside. First, let me start by asking what do you think sticks out about your ability so far to date?

Kris Harley: What sticks out about me is my get off, my explosion. I just think I'm nasty and I want to destroy the offensive lineman. I want to embarrass him. I play excited, real excited and I guess with excitement there is anger, that's where my ability comes from.

HH: What do you want to work on still this season as you prepare to enroll next year?

KH: Well, I want to get my hands faster and my pass rush isn't where it could be. It's pretty good now, but I want to get my hands faster.

HH: Your recruitment has been over for a few months now, talk about the relief in being done with the process?

KH: Well, I don't have to worry about coaches coming in and talking to me all the time, coaches blowing up the phone and all this. It's all the drama. I never thought I'd be waiting till Signing Day, I'm not that type of person.

HH: You've been playing for one of the top teams in the nation in Warren Central. Tell me about what you've learning from playing in that environment?

KH: I've learned you always have to work hard because somebody will always try to take your spot cause there are a lot of good players.

HH: You're joining one of the top defenses in the nation, what do you think makes you a good fit in Blacksburg and in Bud Foster's defense?

KH: I think they seem to play like I play. I don't have to change much when I go there, I can just be myself. They're going to get me better.

HH: Charley Wiles recruited you for the Hokies, compare him to other recruiters out there?

KH: I don't know. It was just something about him. I got that feeling about him, he was real. I didn't get that about a lot of other coaches.

HH: In addition, what do you like about Charley Wiles as a coach?

KH: I went to the camp a year ago and I liked how he coaches, the enthusiasm, that's how I play. We were yelling and screaming. We were excited. That's how I do it."

HH: Of course, you have ties to Darren Evans. Tell me about your relationship with him and how that impacted you and your recruitment?

KH: I didn't know him that well until I started getting recruited by Virginia Tech. Then I talked to him every time I went down there. I was in eighth grade when he was playing and I remember going to every game when they were undefeated. We still stay in touch and text every now and then, just talk about stuff and he tells me how Virginia Tech is.

HH: Let me change gears, when did you start playing football in the first place?

KH: I started early, when I was four or five. It was really my stepdad who got me into it. I did want to play and I liked football at an early age. I think I did well back then. I remember when I was eight I was too big to play my own age, so I played against 12 year olds and got a lot better. I've always been on defense and was always a bigger kid except recently everybody has started catching up.

HH: Finally, do you have a nickname?

KH: No, no nickname for me.

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