May 13, 2010

Skyline Defensive End Gets Visit from SMU

While coaches have been traveling far and wide to see recruits participate in t heir spring practice, on Tuesday defensive coordinator Tom Mason made a trip just down to the road to watch the Dallas Skyline practice and in specific watch defensive end Marquel Bryant

The Mustangs were the first team to offer Bryant almost a month ago and so far they are still the only team that has sent out an official offer to the 6-foot-3, 215-pounder but recently two Big 12 teams have entered the mix.

"Right now SMU my only offer," said Bryant. "Recently Kansas State and Texas Tech have been talking to me a lot. There are a lot of other schools that have talked to me but those are the main ones. They both said that they are very interested and they would like to have me up there for a camp."

While many players are trying to pick and choose what camps they really want to go to this summer, Bryant is taking the approach that more is better.

"I am currently trying to plan what camps I am going to go up to. I am trying to make it to as many as possible if the dates allow it. I know I got schedules for a few schools like Oregon, Texas Tech, Baylor and a few others."

One camp that is coming up soon that Bryant is planning on going to is the SMU camp.

"SMU actually has one on like the 16th I think that I am going to try and make it to."

Since Bryant lives near the Hilltop, he has already been able to make a couple of visits out to the campus and the junior defensive end likes what he sees.

"I have been to SMU a few times and I kind of like it. It is a nice campus. I went there one night and was walking around and saw the fountain and just stood there for a little bit. I really liked that. Just the whole campus is nice."

Bryant has also been able to make a couple other visits to schools in different parts of the country.

"I have also visited Kansas State and Vanderbilt. Both of those schools were really nice as well."

The head recruiter on Bryant is Coach Mason and while the two just talked just briefly on Tuesday, that conversation sparked an interest in Bryant to learn more in SMU and more about the coaching staff.

"I talked to coach Mason a little bit on Tuesday. He was just talking about how he is trying to get me up to campus more and that they are very interested and would love to have me up there. I thanked him for their offer. I just talk to him occasionally and mostly over e-mail. I am fixing to start getting in touch with him a lot more though. I feel like I should stay in touch with the coach and see what he is thinking and build a little relationship with him so I know his head is at and he knows where mine is at."

The fact that Bryant is looking to build a relationship with the SMU coaching staff is good news because Bryant is looking to commit somewhere really soon.

"I am thinking that I am going to commit somewhere after my spring game. I think that it is on the 25th of May. Some people feel that it is bad to commit early but I just feel like I should do it."

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