May 9, 2010

How has the junior day plan worked out for Oklahoma?

The Mailbag is a feature for our fans to get questions that may require a little more depth and clarity of explanation directly from assistant editor Josh McCuistion. Each week we'll field questions for the mailbag and get you all answers at the week's end!

This week's mailbag takes a long look at what could be in store for Oklahoma in the class of 2011 at the running back position, are the Sooners done, or could the commitment of Marquis Anderson make a positive move for Malcolm Brown? And one fast-rising in-state lineman drew a huge comparison this week, is it possible he could be Oklahoma's next great offensive lineman? All this and more in this week's Mailbag!

What schools in your opinion do Malcolm Brown and Aaron Green end up at?

Also how many and who are the wide receivers that Oklahoma adds in this class?

- David

Well rather than just 'they aren't coming to Oklahoma' I have to impart the bad news that I think they are going to be at Oklahoma's two chief rivals over the next few years, Texas and Nebraska, respectively.

Brown is the lone running back in the country still holding a viable Oklahoma offer and there is no doubt that the Sooners have a legitimate shot here which of course was only magnified when Sheldon McClain enrolled early and Marquis Anderson committed on Thursday. Of course the two being former teammates will help Oklahoma's cause but neither seem to be so close to Brown that the Sooners are the undeniable choice.

Oklahoma has done well with these situations in the past year but there is no question that Brown has some concerns about the ridiculous amount of talent Cale Gundy has accumulated at the position. Another overriding problem seems to be the distance from Cibolo to Norman which Brown has referenced to a few people.

The thing that Oklahoma can boast is it's production with the I-formation running game, something that frankly Texas simply can not. However, it just seems that he is sold on what Texas has had to say about using a more pro-style running attack moving forward.

As for Green, it has just seemed from the start he has liked the idea of joining his brother in Lincoln although, again, Teas has to be considered a very real threat along with a few other programs. Green would almost immediately arrive and take a spot in Bo Pelini's starting line-up and with the mixture of early playing time, Nebraska's apparent resurgence, and his family liking Nebraska, there doesn't seem to be a lot of reason for him to say 'no'.

As to your second question I really only expect one more wide receiver and there are several potential applicants for the position though it does look like in most cases Oklahoma is going to have to overcome some fights with programs a bit closer to home. For example Michigan State for Deanthony Arnett or Ole Miss for Tobias Singleton. I think the guy to keep an eye on is Ladarius Brown as he is clearly well liked by Oklahoma but the problem is going to be with a guy so quiet, can we really know what he is thinking?

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