May 7, 2010

Gause names top schools

Rochester (NY) Bishop Kearney High School athlete Quentin Gause is one of the top prospects in the Empire State for the class of 2011. caught up with Gause to see how the recruiting process is going.

"Recruiting has been great a lot of schools have come in to talk with me. I have just been working hard and I keep going to different camps and exposing myself. The process has been great and it happens once in your high school career and you have to decide on a school to go to. I am enjoying this and I have a lot of supporters around helping me out."

Gause, 6-foot-0, 205 pounds recently took a visit to Syracuse University where he came away impressed with what he saw.

"I did an unofficial about a month before I went to the spring game," Gause said. "Syracuse, impacts me a lot every time I go there. I have visited the Newhouse school of communications and I loved how everything stood out. We talked about graduating from there and getting a great degree, I like how everything is hands on.

Also on his trip to Syracuse he had a chance for some face to face time with his recruiting coach as well as Syracuse Head Coach Doug Marrone.

"Coach [Bob] Casullo showed me around "The Dome" and everything and just telling me all of the history, it was a great experience. Coach Marrone also talked with me about his NFL experiences and different things like that was a great impact."

The chance to talk with Doug Marrone on his trip to the Syracuse spring game really stood out to him as his favorite part of the trip.

"My favorite part when I head up to Syracuse was meeting Coach Marrone because last time I went up on the unofficial he was out of town so I get to meet him at the spring game. I also liked talking with the players and asking them about their experiences that was great. Syracuse as a whole I liked."

Not only are Marrone and Casullo playing a big part in the recruitment of Gause, but another Syracuse coach is helping out as well. With multiple coaches looking after him the Empire State product feels a real close relationship with Syracuse.

"I have a tight relationship with them I contact them a lot and everything. I even talk with the new running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley and I ask him questions about football and stuff. We have a tight relationship and every time I go up there and I get a home feeling."

Right now in high school Gause stars on both sides of the ball. In college he will most likely have to settle on one position, but if he could he would be ready for offense and defense like he plays now.

"Right now Syracuse wants me at either running back on offense or linebacker on defense. I would love to play on both sides of the ball, but I have to choose. If I had to go both ways in college I would do it. I would train my body to do it if I have to. I just love to contribute to a team."

With plenty of visits already under his belt Gause is ready to narrow down his list of schools and move forward to making a decision.

"My favorites right now are Syracuse, Rutgers, LSU, Oregon, and Miami."

Syracuse : "What put them in my top five was the school of communications and the hands on experience you get to have as a freshman. The football team is going to turn around this year and I want to see them. Doug Marrone is doing the right things and he is going to turn the program around. I just have a good home feeling when I go up there."

Rutgers : "Rutgers, they have a home feeling to. I talk to Coach Schiano and everything. I have been out there for combines and stuff because they have that organization in that area. I have been up there a lot."

LSU : "LSU, I have talked with the linebackers coach down there and every time I go down there I get impacted by the people I talk with and the players. I need to go down for another visit. I don't have a dream school or anything like that, but whenever I play the NCAA Football video games I have always picked them, so I have an interest."

Oregon : "I have not been able to go out there yet. They were one of the first schools to send me mail. I have checked them out as far as their education. The football program they have is very balanced with Coach Kelly .Coach Kelly is going into his second year and working hard to win a National Championship."

Miami : "Coach Randy Shannon is a great coach and he is laid back guy. He also wants to go for a National Championship to. Every coach has a mission and I like people on a mission to go get something."

The interesting case for Gause at this point is that LSU, Oregon, and Miami have not offered, but an offer from those schools could still come.

"I do not have offers from them, but LSU, Oregon, and Miami like to give you their offers in person. Oregon is supposed to come up next week. When they visit it is up to them with what they want to do. Right now I am satisfied with what I have offer wise."

Since he is satisfied with his offers right now he is ready to make a decision and he will make one quick.

"In about 10 to 15 days I will be making my verbal, soft verbal."

For Gause however this decision has been made and he just needs to announce.

"The past few days it [the commitment] has been shifty and it has been changing back and forth, but I have come to a conclusion with it. I will definitely announce in 10 to 15 days."

This decision was not made easy, but Gause has been simplifying it by how he has been breaking down the process.

"I have a white board at my house where I wrote down the top 10 schools and then narrowed it down to five and just weighed the pros and cons of each school. That is how I broke it down and it was not too hard."
Stay tuned to for the latest on Quentin Gause and his decision.

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