May 1, 2010

Sooners Change their Fortune in Houston

Through the decades of Oklahoma football holding it's own with the nation's elite programs it's impossible to deny the impact of Texas high school football talent on many of the Sooners greatest teams. In the Bob Stoops era there has been no difference, save for one-the lack of talent from the state's top talent producing area, Houston.

No matter what coach recruited the area, what sales pitch was used, or how obvious Oklahoma's needs may be for just such a player the Sooners continually struggled to land commitments from some of the best in the state's largest city.

But just moments ago in front of many of their peers Klein Oak stars Nathan Hughes and Max Stevenson joined Brandon Williams in bringing that streak to an end by giving Oklahoma commitments No. 10 and 11.

According to both players it was their time in Norman for Oklahoma's spring game that solidified that not only did they want to play together but wanted to do so in Norman.

"To be honest, talking about playing together started happening when we were there," Stevenson recalled. "Before they offered me we were sitting in the stands and Nathan was saying 'It would be so crazy if you were offered here. He was saying it would be great if we could come here and we could play together'."

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