April 21, 2010

Hayes narrows his list

One of the top prospects in the Midwest for the class of 2011 is running back Justice Hayes of Grand Blanc High School in Michigan. SpartanMag.com caught up with the dynamic playmaker and got the details on the teams he is focusing on.

Hayes has close to 20 scholarship offer in hand, but informed us that he has narrowed his list down to six teams he is seriously considering, with a possible seventh.

"I have narrowed it down, he said. In no particular order the schools I am still looking at are Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Tennessee. The sleeper team is Wisconsin, they could be the 7th. I have not visited there yet so I do not want to eliminate a team that I have not given the same chance as the others."

All of the above teams have offered Hayes a scholarship and they all like him as a versatile running backs prospect that can catch the ball out of the backfield.

SpartanMag.com asked Hayes if he will be at the Green and White game?

'Yes I think I will be able to make it. I was supposed to have a track meet, but we are not competing in it so I think I will try and come down to State. I may see if I can come with DeAnthony Arnett.

Hayes and Arnett have a strong friendship and that has grown as the two are going through the recruiting process. We asked him if he and DeAnthony have talked about playing at the same school.

"Yes we have, several of the schools we both like a lot, but we also know we need to go to the school that is best for each other. If that is the same school that would be great."

Another 2011 recruit that Hayes is tight with is Spartan commitment Lawrence Thomas of Detroit Renaissance.

"Lawrence and I text all the time. He texst me about going to State and how I can't go wrong in green. He is doing a good job of recruiting me (laughing). I like the fact that he wants me to come there. I know when I commit I am going to do whatever I can to help my team bring in more players too so I can appreciate what he is doing."

Hayes is not in any hurry to make his choice and he informed us that he wants to see all of his finalists a few more times.

"I want to see all the schools I am looking at least 1 or 2 more times," he said. "I will try and visit all of them a few times this summer and I may have to make a few visits this fall. I just want to make sure I find the right fit."

Hayes also told us the he will be hitting the Ohio state NIKE Camp next weekend. Sopartanmag.com will be at that event and will be sure to let Michigan State fans know how he performs. We fully expect him to be one of the best players in attendance, just like he was at the Army All-American Combine in San Antonio when we scouted him there.

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