April 12, 2010

Dickerson drawing interest

Ohio State has put a great emphasis in locking up the state of Ohio but that doesn't mean the reach of the Buckeyes stops at the state borders. Oradell (N.J.) wide receiver Cameron Dickerson is a fast rising prospect and the 6-foot-3, 195-pounder has seen interest start to pick up in landing his services.

"It is going pretty well and I have three offers right now from Harvard, Indiana and Vanderbilt and hopefully I have got some more coming," Dickerson said.

The Buckeyes are one of the schools who have been keeping an eye on Dickerson and the interest has started to pick up in the past month or so.

"I have just gotten my first couple of letters from them over the last couple of weeks," Dickerson said.

Dickerson has a good mixture of athleticism and academics at Bergen Catholic high school where the senior to be holds a 3.7 GPA. What have the Buckeyes been saying to Dickerson in those recent letters?

"They have been inviting me to practice and wanting to try and get me out there," Dickerson said.

There is no denying that Dickerson has a good amount of interest in the Buckeyes. If Ohio State started to show more interest in the coming months there would be a very good chance that the Buckeyes could give Dickerson plenty to think about.

"If I were to get an offer from The Ohio State (University) I would definitely consider going up there and becoming a Buckeye," Dickerson said.

As a junior Dickerson caught 31 passes for 531 yards and seven touchdowns but there could be bigger numbers on the horizon going into Cameron's senior season. Where does Dickerson feel that he excels on the field?

"I am good at attacking the ball and going and getting it," Dickerson said. "I always have a little bit of speed so with some short passes I can pick up the yards after the catch. I have a pretty wide range of skills."

Dickerson would like to have the opportunity to check out the Buckeyes during the summer and hopefully do enough to impress the Buckeyes to maybe land that coveted offer.

"I am pretty sure I am going to make it out to see Indiana so I am sure that I will stop at Ohio State and check things on the way," Dickerson said.

Ultimately it will not just be a football decision for Dickerson and his family when it comes to a collegiate destination but rather the overall equation that the school offers.

"My parents have always stressed education and what we are going to do is find a school that can give me a great education and where I can also play the highest level of football," Dickerson said. "We are looking for both."

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