March 9, 2010

Jake Brendel is Looking for an Education First

With legitimate 4.9 speed and a squat max of 450 pounds, yes, Jake Brendel is athletic. At 6-foot-4.5, 267 pounds, yes, he has the frame to play any position on either side of the line. What separates him from so many others, though, is his intelligence both on and off the field, and that is what ultimately served as the impetus for his transition from defensive tackle to center last year for the Plano East Panthers.

"My coach ultimately wants me at left tackle, but I would say it's a 90% possibility that I stay at center simply because no one knows the offense as well as I do right now," Brendel said. "We only have two returning starters on the line right now and we need the younger guys to step up. The center needs to know what he's doing and he needs experience for this offense to work."

"I make all the calls for our offense. I call how many are in the box, what kind of formation they're in, and I determine how the whole line is going to block every single play on the fly. Whatever I say goes. If I call a 3-3 stack a 4-2-5, we block a 4-2-5. If we're all wrong, we're all right that way. I tell the whole line what kind type of play we're going to run. Full zone, anything. I say go, not the QB. It's up to me to make sure he is ready. It's a big responsibility."

With a 4.05 GPA and an ACT score of ...

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