February 14, 2010

Indianapolis Pike player visiting UC Saturday

Like an astronomer in a room full of distractions junior OT Kody Woods lives in the frantic world of high school drama, distractions everywhere.

While the scientist can look at any number of books, read scrolls, or check diagrams his focus sustains on the telescope. A very refined focus on such a small, specific part of the room actually comes with great reward. When he glances through the telescopic lens the universe opens up to him.Woods owns a singular, narrowed focus resembling that astronomer. When others are playing video games he is lifting weights. When hours are slipping through the fingers of his facebook-obsessed peers, Woods is pumping iron.

"Near the end my eighth grade year they had one of those high school lifting programs over the spring," said Woods.

Once the Indianapolis-native grabbed hold of the bar he never let go.

"In bench I am up around 405," said Woods. "In squat about 560, 290 on power clean."

His father admitted that Kody is big into weights. The OT from Pike High School is just big in general. He carries 310 pounds on his 6'2" body. Woods loves to listen to the strength coaches and develop his chest and arms.

When he attended the National Underclassmen Combines Ultimate 100 Camp in September "Max out" Woods heaved up 30 reps with 185 pounds. His bench press earned him the Strongest Man Award.

There is no doubt Woods can deter pass-rushers in his class with ease. Spin moves only place the rusher on the other half of Woods wide body. Bull-rushing just doesn't work too often against a 300+ figure like Woods. The "easiest" way to beat KW is to simply run around him.

"If I get my hands on anybody I am going to win that battle everyday," said Woods. "I am constantly working on my footwork. I feel like my footwork has really improved."

Woods wisely acknowledged his weakness, footwork. His frighteningly powerful arms become absolutely worthless when the rusher takes the bypass, completely circumnavigating Woods.

In the next year and a half more work needs to be done on his lateral mobility. Poor shuttle and 40 times reveal how far the gap is between average college OT and Woods. Fortunately Woods has shown time and again that he can devote his energy to improving his game regardless of the effort required.

This winter lots of energy has been spent visiting interested schools around Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. In the last month Woods stopped by Indiana University, Western Kentucky, and Ohio University. Woods and his dad are looking to get over to Ball State and Michigan at some point this spring too.

Cincinnati will host the burly junior this Saturday.

"I think right now the one that seems the most interested in me is Cincinnati," said Woods. "We had two receivers from Pike that signed with Cincinnati. We are good friends."

Dyjuan Lewis and Anthony McClung signed on with the Bearcats earlier this month, opening up what many UC fans hope is a pipeline to the talent-rich Pike High. Wood's teammate TE Tim Simmons is a 2011 target of Coach Butch Jones and staff, as well.

As Coach Jones tries to develop stronger ties in the immediate vicinity places like Indianapolis and South Michigan remain go-to areas.

"I am still wide open because I am a junior still," said Woods. The college Woods will attend remains a mystery, but one thing is certain. When you are relaxing on the couch Kody Woods is lifting weights hard. Distractions be damned.

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